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outdoor ping pong table Blog

The Easiest Way To DIY Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Making a ping pong table will cost you less than having one from the market. All you need just a proper plan and some tools …

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How To Fix A Warped Ping Pong Table

Do you know the warped ping pong table can be repaired? Yes, last weekend I did an experiment on how to fix a warped ping …

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Painting ping pong table Blog

Know, How To Paint A Ping Pong Table Perfectly

Nothing is immortal in this world. After passing a specific lifetime everything meets its end. So, it is the same for the paint of a …

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setting up a ping pong table Blog

How To Set Up A Ping Pong Table

Just ordering a ping pong table on the online and receiving is not the ending. Rather it is the beginning. After receiving the parcel, the …

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concrete ping pong table Blog

How To Make A Concrete Ping Pong Table

There you can find plenty of ways to build a ping pong table like I have shown you people in my other article. (Missed that? …

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