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The Easiest Way To DIY Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Making a ping pong table will cost you less than having one from the market. All you need just a proper plan and some tools to make it easily in your garage. And the handmade ping pong table will be stronger than some of the table tennis tables available on the market.

In this article, I will show you how to make outdoor ping pong table on your own using wood. And not only that, here you will find a list of products you will need to make it properly.

So, without further ado. Let’s talk about the process of making an outdoor table tennis table.

Things You Will Need

When you call yourself a DIYer, you must have tools in your toolbox. And for making a ping pong table you are going to need that a whole lot of them. Probably you have all of them. If you don’t have, get them before you start the process. 

Here, I am listing down the tools and things you need to make a table tennis table.

Materials For Making Table Tennis Table

Here is the list:

  • Three different sizes of wooden boards.
  1. 1×4, 96-inch board
  2. 2×6, 96-inch board
  3. 4×4, 96-inch board

Note: You can use any type of wood you want to. But remember, hardwood will make your table so heavy and Plywood will make it clumsy.

Note: The table tennis net, ball, and paddles have no connections to build the table. I have listed those because you won’t be able to play ping pong without them.

Tools For Making Table Tennis Table

Here is the list of tools you need for making an outdoor ping pong table:

  1. Spring clamps.
  2. Pocket hole jig.
  3. A workbench. ( you can use any working table which is able to accommodate your workpieces easily).
  4. Circular saw.
  5. Woodworking drill.
  6. Ball pein hammer.
  7. Jigsaw.
  8. Miter saw.
  9. A sander.
  10.  Square.
  11. Measuring tape.


Safety should be the first priority of any building project where you are dealing with some dangerous sharp tools. And before you hop on to the making process of the table, you need to consider safety issues. You won’t be able to keep yourself safe without using some essential safety equipment. So, before I tell you how to keep yourself safe during the making of an outdoor ping pong table, arrange the stuff listed below.

  1. A pair of safety glasses.
  2. Hand gloves
  3. Working boots.
  4. Apron.
  5. Mask.
  6. Ear protection.

Now, before you start the cutting process make sure you wear everything. And that’s how you will be able to keep your various body parts safe.

Since you will be working with the wood, it will be so messy due to dust and wood debris. And they can end up on your eyes and lung which is not a great thing to have. But the goggles and musk will provide you protection against them.

For making the table tennis table you are going to use some power saws which make so much noise when they are in the action. And the noise is so harmful to your ears. And here the ear muffle will come to save your ears. The saws are not only noisy they are also dangerous for having the sharp rotating blade. The blade can chop down your pinky anytime so make sure to wear the hand gloves.

You will be astonished to know that there has some strict dress code for the workshop. You are not allowed to wear baggy dresses. So, always wear tight-fitting clothes. If you can, avoid the full sleeve shirt. And if you are concern about your dresses and you don’t want to ruin them, you can wear a woodworking apron. Put off your necklace and bracelet if you are carrying one.

Making Ping Pong Table

As you are done with the preparation, it is time to get on the action. To make the table tennis table you need to follow the 4 steps given below as I divided them into. 

  1. Table tennis table plan with measurement  
  2. Cutting
  3. Joining and 
  4. Finishing.

Table Tennis Table Plan

The first step for making a table tennis table is to get a plan for it. But it is impossible to get ready with the plan if you don’t know the measurement.

table tennis table plan

The table I am going to build is 274-cm long, 152.5-cm wide and 76-cm high from the very top of the table to the bottom. This is the international table tennis table size for any international game.  

For this particular ping pong table, I have prepared a very simple design as shown in the picture above. Here you will find 6 legs. 6 middle pieces and a couple of braces to support it.

Cutting Legs And Other Parts Of The Table

You will have to follow the steps given below to get the legs and parts for your table tennis table.

Step 1: Corner Legs Making

At first, I am going to start with the making of corner legs. For this task, you will the miter saw as the cutting instrument. And we are going to use 4×4 wooden pieces.

But before you start the cutting, you need to consider the thickness of your board you are going to use as the top of the table. Because the sum of the thickness of the top and the height of the legs need to be 76-cm high.

For this project, I am using a 2-cm thick board as the top. So, the legs of my table tennis table are going to be 74-cm high.

First, get the 4×4-wood piece on the working table. Then make it tight using the clamps. This will make it stable to get the smooth cut. 

table tennis table leg

Now, start the saw. And when the blade reaches its top speed, make the swing. Repeat the process until you are done with all the legs.

Step 2: Making The Center Legs

Corner legs of the table tennis table are different than the middle legs. They carry notches to hold the rail on top of them. So you have to make notches at the stage on two center legs. 

To make a 2-inch deep notch you need a circular saw.

center leg

First set the depth of the circular saw blade at 2-inch then mark the 4×4-wooden piece 5 ½-inch far from its top. And make the cut on the marking.  

Step 3: Making the Rail

You will need three different types of rail to hold the legs together. Two end rails, one center rail, and two long rails.

Use 2×6-boards and make them. The length of the long rail should be 94-inch, short rail length should be 47 ¾-inch and center rail should be 96-inch long.


For providing additional support to the board you can add two center supports. And you need to use a 2×6-board this time also to make them.

Step 4: Brace Making

The brace will help the legs to hold the table tennis table together. Use 2×6-boards and cut out 6 corner braces. The braces should have 45-degree bevel.

To attach the braces in place drill out six holes to the four braces. And the other two braces should have four holes.

Note: Use the miter saw to get a perfect 45-degree bevel.

Joining Ping Pong Table Parts Together

It is time to attach the parts together. Attaching the parts together is like solving the puzzle. And if you want to do it correctly, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Let’s start with the leg pieces. Join corner leg pieces with the short rails. To do so, you need to drill pocket holes with the help of jigs.

Now place the rail width wise to the center of the legs and use some exterior glue to hold it together. And lastly, use some screws through the drill to make it tighter. Following the process, finish attaching the two end legs of the table tennis table.

Step 2: Put glue on the each side of the remaining rails and place them between two ends of the legs as shown in the picture. And attach them by following the same techniques mentioned before.

Step 3: Put some exterior glue on the groove of the center leg pieces and position them in the middle of the rail. Then screw them to attach together.

Step 4: Now, install the center support rails using the same techniques you are following till now.

Step 5: In my opinion, the braces are the heart of the ping pong table. Though it looks small, it has a significant role to make them strong.

Put exterior glue on the bevel end of each brace and place them at the inner corner of each leg. And the other two which have four holes should be put on the corner supports.

Step 6: We are almost at the end of the installation process. And you can put the tabletop.

Use some glue on top of the frame of the table and under the top parts of the table.

Finishing Touch on The table

We are pretty much done with the making of an outdoor ping pong table. You just need to check the whole setup for finding any error. If you don’t find any, the table is ready to play.

But hold on a second before you go for playing on it. If you are interested in making it look better, you must follow the steps I am going to add.

Step 1: Sand the whole table. Make sure every corner gets the even treatment. You can use your sanding machine to do it fast. But still, you need to use your hand and sandpaper to reach the corners.

Step 2: Cover the whole ping pong table with the white paint I have named earlier. It will give it a longer lifetime. Then leave it for a while to get dry.

Step 3: Now use a couple of coats of grey paint to make it look better. Leave the table until it dries out. Then polish it using some wax to give it a polish look.

Wrap Up

I know, I have made the process darn so easy to you. Actually it is easy but it is time-consuming. It can take 2-4 days to complete the whole outdoor ping pong table. It will depend on your skills.

And after following the steps given above you just need to set up the net and you are ready to play.

Hi, Derek Here, I coach a high school rugby team. I am super fond of different sports. So when I am not busy with my coaching stuffs, I head into my hobbies (The Sports worlds) finding the most suitable sports gears. And rest of the time I pass with my honey.

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