How To Fix A Warped Ping Pong Table

Do you know the warped ping pong table can be repaired? Yes, last weekend I did an experiment on how to fix a warped ping pong table. And you will be astonished that I have got success repairing that perfectly.

I know many of you are having such a table. And whether you want to fix that but cannot find a way out or want to get a new table. For now, drop the idea of getting a new table tennis table. Instead, come along with me and try to fix that.

In this article, I will share with you the way of fixing a warped ping pong table which I have followed to fix mine. So, without having another word let’s begin.

Things You Need

The first challenge you are going to face in any repairing task is to find the correct tools you need. But you don’t have to be worried this time. Because I have already made a list of tools down below which you are going to use through the entire project.

  1. Drill driver
  2. High-quality extractor bit set.

Steps You Need To Perform

For fixing a warped ping pong table top you need to perform the steps given below.

  1. Removing tabletop.
  2. Inspecting the damage.
  3. Dampen.
  4. Putting weight on the top.

Removing The Tabletop

You have to start the process of fixing the table tennis table by removing the tabletop. And it won’t be so hard for you as the tabletop is made from wood and attached using screws. Just follow the steps given below to do so easily.

Step 1: First, change the drill bit with the extractor bit you got for this specific task.

Step 2: Find out the screw holding the top. ( In general, the screw will be under the paint of the tabletop. Specifically, the screws will sit in the middle of the legs.

Step 3: Place the extractor bit head one the screw top and squeeze the power button of the drill machine. Wolla! surely they will come off. Repeat the process to remove all the screws holding the top.

Note: You will find some of the screws at the place on the side rail of the table structure. You need to remember one last thing for removing the top. Don’t attempt to pull the tabletop off, before you make sure that all the screws are pulled off securely. If you do so before removing them properly, you can end up snapping the top.

Inspecting The Damage

At this stage, you need to find out all the damage your table is carrying. This will help you to understand what is the situation you are going to handle. If the warp of the table tennis table is not so much you don’t have to worry much. But the task will be harder if the damage is caused by damp conditions. And possibly the condition has been swallowing the tabletop by warping it for a long time.

Place the tabletop flat on the ground and look for any abnormalities. Then turn it over to find any abnormalities on the other side of the tabletop. And don’t forget to check out any damage on the side of the table.


If the table is warping for a while, it is possible the surface doesn’t have any humidity and it is totally dry.we all know working with a dry surface is harder. So, you need to feel the surface if it is dry or not.

If it turns out that the surface is dry, misting some water on it will be a wise decision. And the dampened surface will help you to stop the further warping.

Note: But considering not to apply too much water on the tabletop so that it floods it.

Before you apply water on the board, if it feels dampened, you need not apply water.

Putting Weight

Now you need to put weight on the top of the table tennis table to straighten its surface.

First, put the tabletop on a plain smooth surface. You can use your tile floor as the surface, and it will work perfectly. Put the ping pong table top upside down on the surface. Then put heavy things where the warps are.

Keep it for a while. If it is possible, keep that way for a few days until the dampen dries out totally.

Closing Word

Hope it will work. If the warping of the ping pong table wasn’t so bad, it will come back to its previous shape. But sometimes it can leave some cracking behind, and this time you need to recolor the tabletop.

But don’t worry here I have shown how you can color a table tennis table properly. Go and check that out.


  1. Don’t put too much weight on the table. Otherwise, it will damage it.
  2. Keep patience and leave the top for a couple of days with the weight.
  3. Possibly you have to resurface the tabletop of your ping pong table.

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