how to fold a ping pong table

How to Fold A Ping Pong Table in Easy Steps

I have met some people who have never folded their fold and store ping pong tables after unfolding it from the packaging. Most of them have told me that they do not have the proper ideas and experience in folding it.

Though the companies already supply the folding-unfolding instruction with it, some people still find it complicated.

So, I came up with a solution to that. I told them about the basic mechanism of the folding ping pong table and that makes sense to them how a ping pong table can easily be folded.

Today, I am gonna make clear this mechanism to you and also add some easy steps of folding a ping pong table so that you can easily fold your ping pong table and store it.

Some General Techniques to Fold Ping Pong Table of Different Brands

Folding ping pong table is a blessing for ping pong enthusiastic people with low space in their houses.

Somehow, when it comes to folding the table, many users sit still and leave the thought of actual folding it. The reason behind this is nothing but the fear of breaking or unstabilizing it.

The laziness comes to, but I won’t complain about that because, sometimes, I fall in that too!

To the point of unstabling the table, I have to make clear that you will not end up with a shaky ping pong table from frequent folding and unfolding it.

Back to the ways of folding a ping pong table, you have to know two things.

One, how the folding mechanism works in your ping pong table.

Two, the building construction of your ping pong table.

Understanding The Mechanism of A Foldable Ping Pong Table

The answer to how to fold down a ping pong table depends on the folding mechanism of a ping pong table and that mechanism thing varies from brand to brand and model to model.

However, the basic is the same.

Main Point of The Folding Mechanism of Ping Pong Table

  1. As the table pieces are joined with hinges or other attaching systems, the edge goes vertical when it is pushed upward or downward.
  2. At the same time, the legs come to a parallel position to the vertical table pieces because of the released supporting system of the legs and table pieces.
  3. Generally, a lock system is used to hold the table pieces and legs in the vertical position.

You can know more about the mechanism of folding from here.

Steps in Folding Ping Pong Table Frame

Invention of the folding table tennis table mainly occurred from the easy storing idea.

In that case, the bi-folding table tennis tables are made vastly. In addition to that different companies are making tri-folding table tennis tables as perfectly portable ones.

For both kinds of ping pong tables, follow the above instructions to fold it.

Step 1: Separating The Net

Removing the net from the table is the first thing that you have to do.

In some modern models of ping pong table, the net does not need to be removed while folding it. So, you can skip this part if you have one of these types.

The net is attached to the table with a lock system or pivoting system. Manufacturers are constantly trying to improve these systems to make it more substantial and easy to pull off.

We see that the former model tables are joined with screws or knobs, but recently, Clamping system and clipping system are used widely, because these systems are easy for both locking and unlocking operations.

Separating The Net With Screws

  1. This is the oldest version of the knob system. Instead of a plastic clamp, A long and cylindrical screw is used.
  2. Hold the knob with or hand or a plier and start to rotate it anticlockwise.
  3. Take the screws off from both sides of the net and keep them in a safe place for future assembling.
  4. Now, hold the frame of the net and gently separate it from the table surface.

Note:  Sometimes rust forms on these types of joints. Use a lubricator or oil and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. This will make it easy to unscrew.

Separating The Net With Knob

Separating The Net With Knob
  1. The knob system net is very easy to disassemble. In most of this type of net, you have to just rotate the knob counterclockwise. 
  2. After a few rotations, the head of the pin comes out from the hole. 
  3. Doing this on both sides of the nets allows complete separation of the net from the table surface. 

Note: Sometimes the holes cannot be seen from outside. Usually in this type of net, the rotation ability is limited. 

So, when you feel that you can’t rotate it further, stop trying to rotate it and give a try in moving the net edge from the table surface.  

If you can move it, your work is done, and If not, try to rotate it again until it comes out. 

Separating The Net With Clip

This is the easy one in loosening the net from the table.

  1. First,  squeeze the handles of the clip of the one side.
  2. Secondly, while squeezing it, pull the net frame towards you. 
  3. Then that side of the net will come off the table.
  4. Thirdly, do the same with the other edge.

Note: In the ping pong table with clip system net, also the table pieces are joined by the clip. So, take extra caution in removing it to ward off any danger.

Step 2: Loosening The Connection Between The Table Pieces

The second step leads to set free the table pieces.

Recently, several brands have introduced some models of ping pong tables that have no bonding channel between the table pieces. If you have one of this kind, you do not have to follow this step.

In some of the ping pong tables, the table pieces are held together by the joining system of the net.

So, when you remove the net, you separate the pieces of the table at the same time.

Some ping pong tables have latch-lever systems in the adjacent point of the pieces.  Modern buttons are added to protect the table pieces from unauthorized drift.

So, Look out for the latch and release the joint.

Step 3: Dismantling The Supporting System of the Ping Pong Table Top

This point is a tricky one in folding the ping pong table frame.

You will find several leg-board supporting systems of ping pong tables based on different brands.

Even the very same company has variations in different models.

The basic supporting system in most of the models comes with foldable angle arms. Mostly these arms fold in the middle of their length.

Some tables have these arms where the legs and tabletop meet. When you start to unfold your ping pong table, this arm extends out over its center and creates a triangle with the adjacent leg and table board.

In the same way, during folding the table, the arm folds in half by creating a V-shape. The joined point of the V is the center of these arms. You will see plenty of interlocking systems at this point.

Simple Axis System

Simple Axis System

This type of arms has two parts. These two parts are joined with one or two short screws.

You will see this framework while folding your Stiga ping pong table.  So, a solid push at the center from the outer side of the triangle breaks the join and you can bend the leg.

Note: Wear gloves on hand especially if your ping pong table has not been folded for a long time. It may take some while, too.

Hook And Button System

Hook And Button System

Ping pong table with the hook system is one of the advanced kinds. These are easy to handle. In this type, the axis is not at the middle length of the arm.

The axis is on the edge of the leg side. Generally, a push in the button releases the hook. Recent models of the Kettler brand have this function. So, you will find this point useful in folding Kettler ping pong tables.

After releasing all the hooks from all the legs aside, you can easily move the table piece in the vertical direction. 

Note: After releasing the support from one table piece, follow the next step. Then do the same with the other table piece.

Step 4: Placing The Table Pieces Vertically

In the fourth step, you have to push the edge of the table piece vertically.

If you have released the supporting system, the table piece will be completely vertical with ease and the leg will come in a parallel position with the table piece.

folding ping pong table

In both Tri-folding and bi-folding ping pong tables, two outer edges can be pushed either in the upward or downward direction.

Do the following- 

  1. Find out which direction your table folds.
  2. Push the unsupported free edge of the table piece in its folding direction.
  3. Go for the other piece of the table.
  4. Release the supporting system  that I mentioned in the third step
  5. After releasing it, do the same as you have done with the first piece.

Step 6: Securing The Vertical Position

You have to follow or not follow this step entirely depending on the model of the ping pong table you have.

Some brands have a lock system to secure the vertical position of the table pieces after folding and some brands do not.

In some brands, when you place the table piece vertically, automatic hooks catch the edge and lock its position.

Table tennis tables of some models need manual locking.  Bolt-Lever locking, Pin-Hole locking systems are widely used.

So, look for the bolt on the legs of the table.  If you find one, you will see a lever on the bottom surface of the table board. Lock the bolt behind the lever after placing the board pieces vertically.

latch lock
bolt lever

A latch lock on the bottom of the table board is another safety system.  The pin of the latch is supposed to be locked inside the hole of the legs. Hart Sports brand has some models with this type of safety system.

Note: You have to remove the safety catch from the wheel to move a portable ping pong. Remove the safety catch, take your table easily where you want. Then open the safety catch again to secure it in the storage place.

Final Tips to Fold Down The Ping Pong Table

  1. Use   Cover to protect it from the dust when you store it. 
  2. If you find any rust in the joint, take immediate action for weatherproofing ping pong table.
  3.  Use oil or lubricator if the joints seem tight.
  4. Do not use a lot of muscle force.

If we missed anything, let us know and tell us how you fold your ping pong table. 

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