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How To Make A Concrete Ping Pong Table

There you can find plenty of ways to build a ping pong table like I have shown you people in my other article.

(Missed that? Check that out from here. There I have talked about the process of making an outdoor ping pong table using wood.)

But many of you are not interested in a wooden ping pong table. And for people like you, I am going to talk about the way of making a concrete ping pong table. This table is stronger and is able to serve for a longer time period.

So, without a further due let’s talk about how to make a concrete ping pong table easily by just following a couple of steps.

Things You Will Need

Just having the concrete mixture is not enough to make a ping pong table out of it. Rather you will need some additional tools to do the task flawlessly. So here I have prepared a list of things you are going to need to make the table.

  1. Concrete mixture
  2. Rebar
  3. Rebar cutter
  4. Scrap pieces of wood to make the mold.
  5. Screws.
  6. Saw for sizing wood.
  7. Plastic sheet.

Making The Table

Making the concrete ping pong table is a lengthy process. And it can take up to several days to complete the entire process. I have divided the process into 2 steps so that you can perform the task properly. 

  1. Preparing the molding case
  2. Pouring concrete into the case.

But before going any further you need to know the design of the ping pong table you are going to have. This specific ping pong table has two box shape bases and a tabletop. The box-shaped bases will hold the tabletop in its place. Pretty much simple huh!

Preparing The Molding Case

According to the source, the standard size of a ping pong table should be 9x5x2.5-feet. So, we will follow it even for our concrete table. That means our ping pong table should be 9-feet long, 5-feet wide and 2.5-feet high. And you should make the molding considering the given measurement.

For this project, you need to prepare two types of molding, one is for the base of the ping pong table and the other is for the tabletop.

Molding Case For Base

According to the design you need to make the molding for two bases which are box-shaped. The dimension of the base should be 28-inch high, 48-inch wide and the entire thickness will be 4-inches.

So, to make each molding of bases, you have to make two different boxes. One box needs to be 4-inch smaller and so that you can achieve the thickness. If you are still confused just maintain the dimensions given below.

Dimension for big-box: 28×48-inch     

Dimension for small-box: 28x 43-inch   

molding case

Use the saw to cut out the wood according to the dimensions. Then attach them together using screws. When you are finished with the boxes making, place the smaller one into the bigger one. And you are done with the base molding making.

( Repeat the process for making another box)

Molding For The Tabletop

Before making the molding of the tabletop you have to make a fence of rebar. This fence will make the tabletop strong and will help it to hold the concrete together.

Just cut 5 pieces of 8.5 feet long rebar and 10 pieces of 4.5-feet long rebar using rebar cutter. Use some wire and tie them together to form a fence.

(You can follow the picture below to get the exact idea.)

Okay, now take a two 5-feet long and two 9-feet long wood. And using them make a rectangular. But remember each of the wood pieces should be 2-inch wide.

Pouring Concrete

Things made of concrete are heavy. And they are tough to transport. So, you need to pour concrete into the molding where you want to build the table for ping pong. So bring all the things you need and then start following the steps below.

pouring concrete

Step 1: At first, you need to clear the ground where you are going to set up the table. Plain the surface by removing lumps from it if necessary.

Step 2: Now, set up the base molding at a distance of 8-feet from each other.

Step 3: Mix the concrete.

Step 4: Pour the concrete into the molding evenly.

Now you are done with the base making. And it is time to make the tabletop.

Step 5: For making tabletop, set up the molding on the plane surface. And use the polythene sheet to cover the area inside of it. Use some water on the sheet also.

Step 6: Bring the rebar fence inside of the mold. Then evenly pour cement until the height reaches the top of it.

Step 7: Now level the upper surface of the tabletop because an uneven surface is not ideal for playing table tennis. You can use a thick layer of cement goo to make plaster on it.

You are pretty much done this time. All you have to wait until the concrete dries out properly.

Setting Up The Ping Pong Table

Since the concrete is dried out, you need to set up the ping pong table. Call as many as your friends are possible. Get their help to bring the tabletop on top of the base.

And finish your task by coloring and setting up the net. If you don’t know how to do it. Check out my other article where I have discussed it.

Things You Should Remember

  1. Use the right level of water during mixing the concrete.
  2. When you are pouring the concrete into the molding, make sure that it doesn’t leave any empty space.
  3. Gently tap on the molding to release any air pockets.   

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