How To Make Football Gloves Sticky (4 Different Effective Methods)

Playing a match with a new pair of football gloves is awesome. But it is not possible for every single match as it doesn’t come cheap. We need to use the same gloves for at least a couple of matches. Sometimes it a pair of wide receiver football gloves can serve us till it tears out. And losing stickiness is the common problem for an old football glove.

Players use to split on their gloves to make it sticky again during the game time. The trick works for a short time but not effective for an entire game. So, the question arises on how to make football gloves sticky again as it is the most important to catch the ball smoothly.

In this conversation, I will get tell you every related to the football gloves stickiness like why they lose it, how to prevent them from losing it, and the main topic, how to make football gloves sticky again.

Why Does Football Gloves Loose Stickiness?

I researched well and found a couple of reasons behind losing the stickiness of the football gloves. Here they are-

  1. Poorly stored
  2. Weather
  3. Interfere with grass, dirt and other elements.
  4. Naturally getting older

Poorly Stored

A poorly stored glove can lose its stickiness faster. In general, football gloves get sweat after finishing a match. So, it needs to get dry before you store it.

However, if you don’t dry it before storing it in your drawer, it can become harsh otherwise dump. And both can be the reasons behind losing stickiness.


Football is a dirty game as it plays in any kind of conditions no matter whether is it raining or snowing. So, the gloves get closer to rainwater or snow easily. And the dirt, grass, mud are common which get contact to them also. As a result, the gloves lose their stickiness.

As the weather conditions are obvious and players are forced to play in those conditions the gloves get dull over the time period.

Naturally Getting Older

Each and everything has a limited time span. So, does have football gloves. As football is a rough game the gloves can wear and tear over the time course.

Ways Of Making Football Gloves Sticky Again

There you can find a whole lot of methods to make the gloves sticky again. And here I am listing those below.

  1. Adhesive method.
  2. Sundry method.
  3. Baby wipe method.
  4. Spit method and

Adhesive Method

There have a bunch of sticky adhesives like substances that are able to make football gloves sticky again instantly. Among them, pine tar is most common.

But before applying them on to your gloves consider the rule book of your tournament. Because many of the football leagues have strict rules against using any achieves on the gloves. So, you can get banned easily if your league doesn’t allow them.

Pine tar is not the only sticky substance you can use on your gloves, rather you can use branded adhesive also. They are specially made to use on the gloves for making it sticky.

Note: Grip boost is one of the most popular adhesives which is being used by the professional players.

Sundry Method

Water reduces the stickiness of a glove. And the quarterback, wide receiver and lineman gloves get sweaty on the match day and looses the sticky power. If you stack the gloves without drying, it won’t be able to maintain the stickiness on the next match. So, before using the same gloves on the next day, lay it down under the sunlight until it gets dry.

Baby Wipe Methods

Wiping the gloves with a baby wipe or any kind of wet wipe will help you to get back stickiness on your gloves. But remember this won’t last long. Actually it will work for a match or a half.

So before you start your football match, take a wipe and roll it down. Then rub it with your palm. And of course, you need to put on t6hge gloves at first. As the rubbing process goes further, you will feel that the gloves are getting sticky.

Spit Method

We all know It takes tear, sweat, and blood to success. Well, it is time to add more, you will need some spit to success also. Ha ha ha. Though it sounds funny, it works.

Usually, in the middle of the game, the gloves lost its moisture after receiving balls. So, you need to spit on the dry gloves to provide some moisture on it. After spitting on it, if you think that the gloves got some extra of it, wipe it down on your jersey.

Things You Should Consider To Keep Football Gloves Sticky

Try to consider these to keep your gloves sticky. And enjoy happy footballing.  

    1. Don’t bury the gloves under the bag or locker before you dry it.
    2. Always use fresh gloves on the matchday to get most of it.
    3. Don’t forget to dry the gloves after every match.
    4. Keep them to the dry place.

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