Painting ping pong table

Know, How To Paint A Ping Pong Table Perfectly

Nothing is immortal in this world. After passing a specific lifetime everything meets its end. So, it is the same for the paint of a ping pong table. A ping pong table’s top paint needs to recolor for many reasons like it can be worn out or you need to recolor it after a fixing (like a warped tabletop).

However, whatever the reason behind coloring a ping pong table is, the process of coloring is always challenging and you need to follow a strict process to do that correctly.

And here I am with that process of coloring a table tennis table. In this conversation, I will tell you exactly what you do to put color on a ping pong table.

So, without further ado let’s start.

Things You Will Need

First thing first, you need the right things to do the coloring. So here check the list I have already given below. 

  1. Color.
  2. White color.
  3. Sandpaper.
  4. Paintbrush
  5. Coloring tape. 
  6. Measuring tape.
  7. Chalk.
  8. Mask.
  9. Apron.
  10. Gloves.

Before you collect all the things from the store here are some things you need to remember.

You can pick up any color depending on your tests. If you are confused, check out the color pallet from the picture.

If you are going to use the paintbrush for painting on the tabletop you can use paints which come in jars. But remember painting using brush needs skills to it properly. Otherwise, it can leave a rough surface on the table. So, if you are not confident enough, use spray paint.

Paints are made of chemicals that can be dangerous for your lungs. So, a safety mask is mandatory. Along with that, a working apron is recommended. It will save your clothing from getting color.

And one more thing, you need to be careful selecting the color of the top of the table tennis table. Because you are not allowed to use any kind of color on the surface of the tabletop. You are allowed to use only matt colors on the surface as they don’t reflect the light. However, still, you cannot use the white and orange color as it is against the law of table tennis table.

Steps To Paint A Ping Pong Table

Just having the color and jumping on the coloring is not going to work. You need to go through the right steps to paint the table properly.

Step 1: Preparing The Table.

First, you need to prepare the table for painting. You have to sand all the abnormalities from the table. Look for any cracks and pay more attention to that. Be careful and make sure that the entire surface gets proper treatment and remains smooth evenly.

The sanding process will help you to kick out the previous color easily. And will leave you with a surface ready to paint.

But before putting paint on the table, wipe it out completely. Make sure that it is clean.  

Step 2: Measuring and Marking

The table tennis table comes with a court painted on it. So, you have to make that on your own. But before you go further you need to measure that out. And make sure you mark after measuring. 

White side-line you see on the ping pong table is ¾-inch thick and the middle line is ⅛-inch thick. Take the measuring tape and measure the area for the side-line and middle line. Mark them using the chalk. And finally, cover the area using painting tape.

Step 3: Painting

Since everything is set, you can start painting the ping pong tabletop. I am comfortable with spray painting and I am recommending that to you.

Spray the painting evenly on the table. Finish spraying the first coat of the paint. Then leave it to dry out.

Then repeat the process until you are satisfied. After putting the last layer of the paint, leave it for at least two days to dry.

Step 4: Making The White Line

Hope your paint is dry. If so, it is time to paint the white line which will act as the court.

Get some old newspapers and cover the whole area of the ping pong table just leaving the area selected for the white line. Then pull off the painting tape to reveal the area.

Now, spray the white paint on it, if you are using the spray this time also. Or paint it carefully using the painting brush. Make sure you paint the entire area. Just like before, paint the area multiple times. And leave the table for another couple of days to dry.

Wrap Up

Hope as soon as you finish the reading, you will go for a hit. The painting job won’t be so tough, if you just follow my instructions thoroughly.

Okay, good luck with your ping pong table. Let me know how it goes in the comment section.  

Hi, Derek Here, I coach a high school rugby team. I am super fond of different sports. So when I am not busy with my coaching stuffs, I head into my hobbies (The Sports worlds) finding the most suitable sports gears. And rest of the time I pass with my honey.

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