setting up a ping pong table

How To Set Up A Ping Pong Table

Just ordering a ping pong table on the online and receiving is not the ending. Rather it is the beginning. After receiving the parcel, the main headache begins. Most of the beginners pass a hard time to set up the table even after seeing the instruction.

Actually you need to follow the right steps to set up a ping pong table by yourself. And in this article, I will tell you what you exactly do and what you should neglect to assemble a table tennis table.

So without talking too much let’s get to the action.

Steps To Set Up A Ping Pong Table

You need to follow the 4 steps given below for setting up a table tennis table perfectly.

  1. Selecting Space.
  2. Unboxing the table.
  3. Putting up the pieces together.
  4. Setting up the net.

Since you know about the steps, let’s perform them.

Selecting The Space

First, you need to select the space where you are going to set up the table. And it is the step which you are not allowed to neglect. But before doing so you need to have a clear idea about the measurement of the ping pong table.

In general, most of the standard size ping pong tables are 9-feet long, 5-feet wide and 2.5-feet high. But it is not only the size available for a table tennis table. You can choose other tables which are larger or smaller than that.

You have to consider one more thing when you are selecting the area and that is player count. If you want to use the table for playing four people, it will take more space than when it is two. Again the playing style of all the players is not the same. And according to the player’s playing style space may vary.

Unboxing The Table

Whether you order your ping pong table online or from store near you, it will arrive with a cardboard box. And at first, you have to cut the seal to reveal the table from inside it.

To do so you need a utility knife and a partner who will help you to pull off the table from inside the box.

After pulling off the table you have to check out to see all the components are there in the box. If anything is missing, contact the dealer. But it is a rare thing. 

Putting Up The Pieces Together

Now the main part, it is time to put together all the components of the table tennis table. But before you start doing so, read the manual carefully. Hope you will understand what you have to do. If so, start doing them one by one.

However if your ping pong table didn’t come with such kind of instruction book, you have to use your common sense. First, go for the legs before heading on to any details.

Different models of the ping pong table come with specific legs. Some of them have four legs and some come with three. Most of them need screws to attach them to the tabletop. But sliding options can also be found in many designs. So, find out what type of design your table has. Then carefully attach them together. And don’t forget about the details like side rails if it is having.

Setting Up The Net

Now it is time for the final blow before you can play ping pong on your table. If you have got the table from a renowned manufacturer, you will have a net with it. Modern-day ping pong table net ain’t so hard to place. Just slide the two sticks of the net down to the holder located on the side of the table.

Most of the manufacturers make the net holding stick from the steel, aluminum or wood-like sturdy materials. But seeing a plastic won’t be surprising instead. If your table tennis table net holder is made of plastic, handle it carefully. Otherwise, you can damage it.


I hope the article ended up being helpful to you. And you have successfully finished setting up your ping pong table. However, if you still have any questions on how to set up a ping pong table, let me know in the comment section.

And I didn’t put any words for the homemade ping pong table as it is pre-set up through its making process. You just have to place it down where you want to play.

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